Clinical Trials BC

Quality management program



Quality has long been a mandatory requirement in the life cycle of all therapeutic products, and it is incorporated into regulations and law within all regulatory authorities globally. Quality in clinical trials and surveillance has recently been reinforced in the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) modernization initiatives.

Our quality program focuses on building a culture of quality and community in clinical research.


Quality management system (QMS) program

The quality management system (QMS) program is a provincial program offering services, resources, and support for the development and implementation of Clinical Trials BC’s quality management system in BC centres, health authorities, academic institutions and agencies.


The program includes:

  • Development and implementation planning
  • Quality Management Systems and tools
  • Community of practice

Email us to register or ask questions about the QMS program.


Quality leadership program



Clinical Trials BC’s popular quality mentorship program is open to qualified investigators, research team managers, quality designates and senior coordinators looking to improve their quality management leadership skills. We provide open hours for general consultation on Wednesday mornings.


Quality leadership course

Our quality leadership course is presented as a series of eight small group sessions in Zoom meeting format. It introduces preliminary quality concepts and principles and links to overall quality and risk management. It is targeted to new quality associates or quality personnel involved in the implementation of Clinical Trial BC’s QMS into institutions.


Please connect with us if you have any questions.