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10 Great Reasons to Bring Your Clinical Trial to British Columbia

A NETWORKED COMMUNITY: A network of clinical research hubs in each health region and research institute provides you clinical trial infrastructure and support at the local level, helping to avoid startup delays and cost overruns in your clinical trial.

POPULATION DIVERSITY: BC is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, with substantial South Asian, East Asian, European and Indigenous communities.

ESTABLISHED PATIENT INFRASTRUCTURE: Province-wide patient-oriented research infrastructure supports you in meaningful patient engagement (BC SUPPORT Unit).

RECRUITMENT SUPPORT: A provincial recruitment system (REACH BC) helps you reach your patient recruitment goals.

STREAMLINED ETHICS REVIEW AND APPROVAL: A harmonized research ethics review process for studies conducted in multiple geographic areas and institutions in BC (Research Ethics BC) allows you to submit a single ethics application across all partner institutions.

EFFECTIVE TRIAL MANAGEMENT: A provincial clinical trial management system (CTMS) infrastructure helps you to manage complex studies effectively, supports Multi-Regional Clinical Trials (MRCTs), and houses electronic essential documents (TMF/ISF) for regulatory compliance.

RESEARCH EXPERTISE: World-class clinical trial investigators and globally certified coordinators like you conduct over 1,300 trials in BC every year.

QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Our provincial quality management system (QMS) and risk management programs support you in continuous quality improvement, promote regulatory compliance, and foster a quality culture.

URBAN, REGIONAL AND RURAL CAPACITY: BC offers you more than 100 clinical trial sites across the province in hospital, outpatient and community settings.

TRAINING AND RESOURCES: You can access diverse resources and continuous training opportunities to support your work.

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An average of over 1,300 active clinical trials are conducted in BC each year.


With more than 600 investigators and over 100 life science companies, we can connect you with the right groups.


BC has urban and rural sites across the province with a diverse population.


See a list of current clinical trials in BC’s urban and rural sites.

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Find a BC investigator or collaborator for your clinical trial on the Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map (CCTAM).


The above database showcases clinical trial investigators, sites and trial service providers in the province of BC. Please register for a user account or reach out directly to us for more detailed information on the CCTAM asset list.

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