I am a researcher or on a research team

Are you a researcher interested in conducting patient-oriented research? Find other people to collaborate with, and get access to tools, resources and information about patient-oriented research in BC.


I am a patient partner, potential patient partner or family member

Patients are people with personal experience of a health issue or their informal caregivers, including family and friends. We help connect you with patient partner opportunities on research teams. Learn about what it’s like to participate in research.


Resource library

Search through patient-oriented research resources in our collection. These can help you learn more about how to design patient-oriented research projects, and how patients can be involved in it.


Learning Health Systems

What is a patient-oriented learning health system? Learn why BC is moving toward learning health systems and how the BC SUPPORT Unit can help.


Putting Patients First

Putting Patients First is an annual conference that fosters collaboration and learning about patient experiences in the health system.

Our impact

For the past five years, we’ve been committed to improving health research. Read about our impact.