Clinical Trials BC

Clinical Research Professional (CRP) Certification Program



Clinical Trials BC offers clinical research professionals at BC academic-based or health authority-affiliated research sites financial and resource support to become certified by the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) or the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).


Why get certified?


Achieving certification demonstrates that you have met or exceeded the quality standards required in the industry and have validated your competence. Certification also demonstrates a level of professionalism and indicates a commitment to quality that is internationally recognized.


Certification can lead to:

  • Increased job responsibility
  • Greater career advancement opportunities
  • More employment opportunities
  • Recognition including promotions
  • Bonuses and salary increases

Research shows certification results in:

  • Higher enrollment rates
  • Lower protocol deviations
  • Fewer regulatory warning letters
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Better inspection performance

Eligible certifications


The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) offers two eligible certifications: CCRC® and ACRP-CP®. The ACRP-CP® credential is awarded to professionals involved in all aspects of clinical studies/trials who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform ethical and responsible clinical research. The CCRC® credential is awarded to a clinical research coordinator (CRC) who has met eligibility requirements and demonstrated proficiency in specific knowledge and job-related skills.

The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) established the Certification Program for Clinical Research Professionals (CCRPs) to create an internationally accepted level of knowledge, education and experience by which clinical research professionals will be recognized by the medical research community. SoCRA offers paper and pencil exams and computer-based testing.

Exam preparation support



To help you prepare for your certification exam, Clinical Trials BC has put together a bundle of resources, including a series of consecutive informal exam preparation sessions, practice tests, and access to the Clinical Research Professional Certification Exam Study Prep electronic Community of Practice (eCoP) where you can find useful links, recordings, presentation slides and documents that you can use to help prepare for your exam.


To register for access to the eCoP:


Exam costs and reimbursement


In 2023, Clinical Trials BC will offer a partial reimbursement of $400 towards CCRP or CCRC examination fees for successful applicants who work for academic health research organizations (i.e. health authority, university, non-profit).


Funding is available for up to 20 successful applicants.


To apply for funding reimbursement, applicants must register first with SoCRA or ACRP for the certification program, then apply to Clinical Trials BC for eligibility for reimbursement.


Please review the Application and Fee sections of each organization for costs.





How to apply


Applicants are required to apply prior to writing their exam by submitting a package to Clinical Trials BC that includes:

  • A copy of the applicant’s application to SoCRA or ACRP
  • A copy of the applicant’s CV/resume
  • A letter to Clinical Trials BC that includes the following details:
    • Why certification is important to them
    • How it will benefit them in their role as a clinical research professional
    • Their career aspirations


Clinical Trials BC will review applications and notify successful candidates of their eligibility for reimbursement prior to their certification exam. Submit the package to Alison Orth by email for approval of eligibility prior to writing your exam.


Want to hear certified clinical research professionals sharing their experiences in taking the exams?


Hear from the certified professionals about their hot tips, and offered resources to help prepare for your exams in hybrid or remote settings, and their personal experiences writing their certification examinations.


Feedback from program participants


“I highly recommend every research professional consider taking the next step to obtain certification through the Clinical Trials BC certification program. The resources provided definitely made studying much easier and the partial reimbursement was motivating. Certification was most validating, but also intrinsically rewarding and a boost to my professional self-confidence. There’s no better time to certify than the present.” – Tara Martin


“Thanks to Clinical Trials BC, I was able to take and pass the SOCRA examination in May 2021. Because of the financial support I received, I had less worry about the cost. The resources and materials available on ECoP helped a lot during my exam preparation. I especially liked the question bank. Since being certified, it helps boost my confidence in my current role as a clinical research coordinator at Fraser Health.” – Siti Rahmaputri


“I am grateful for the support offered by Clinical Trials BC. This program demonstrates their willingness to support research staff in professional development endeavours and facilitates training and certification in the field.” – Vanessa Dizonno


“Being able to participate in the Clinical Research Professional Development Exam Preparation Sessions which was hosted by Clinical Trials BC was a life changer! The learnings derived from the extensive clinical research and trials experience, and the best practices that Alison Orth and the entire team at Clinical Trials BC have imparted me have helped tremendously when I finally took and passed my SOCRA CCRP certification. Everyone at Clinical Trials BC is amazingly wonderful! I have nothing but awe and gratitude for all their kindness, dedication and support all throughout my professional research journey. Thank you all, very very much!” – Program Participant