OUR STRATEGY 2022-2025

We are British Columbia’s health research agency. Our ambition is to inspire and connect curious, creative and passionate minds to drive discovery and innovation for better health and health care. We support the people who do and use health research and we strengthen the system in which they work.


In 2022, the BC government confirmed three years of funding for Health Research BC to advance research across the province. Our 2022–2025 strategy reflects our niche in BC’s health research system, our 20+ year track record and our existing strengths.

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By 2032, BC is recognized worldwide for its vibrant, coherent, inclusive, and globally competitive health research system, which improves the health of British Columbians, the health system and the economy.


  • The gap between evidence creation and use is significantly reduced.
  • BC’s diverse health research talent spans the province and the cell-to-society continuum.
  • Indigenous-led research is thriving.
  • Patients and the public are actively and widely engaged in research.
  • People, organizations and communities partner to resolve health and health system issues.
  • National and international investments drive significant economic benefits for BC.

3-year strategic directions

We commit to leadership, courage and creativity as we co-create BC’s future in an evolving context.

We also commit to deep collaboration in improving the health of British Columbians, the health system and the economy.

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Strategic enablers