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ACRP Learning Management System


This e-learning platform offered by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is available free of charge to any clinical research professional in BC.


ACRP’s eLearning catalog of 20+ programs offers learners working at clinical research sites in BC a wide variety of training topics on essential components of quality clinical research, with varying intensity levels appropriate for the topics being addressed. This includes training on the new ICH GCP E6(R2), the international industry standard for designing, conducting and reporting clinical trials.


These programs are designed to ensure that clinical research teams have the training they need to conduct responsible research, minimize risk, and increase efficiency and effectiveness. All courses were developed using modern adult learning principles proven to be effective in enhancing performance.


New courses include:

  • Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • eResearch: Managing Clinical Trials in a Tech-Driven Environment
  • Informed Consent Simulation


Since our partnership began, more than 300 BC researchers have signed up for access to the ACRP LMS. We continue to encourage the BC research community to register and complete courses.


Want to participate?


If you are an existing user, log in to the ACRP Learning Management system:


If you’re a new user, you can gain access by emailing us and providing the following information:

  1. A request to participate
  2. Your first and last name
  3. Your email address
  4. Your research location


Instructions on how to log in and begin training will be provided within one week.


Learn more about the ACRP LMS and other educational resources provided by ACRP:


ACRP Partner in Workforce Enhancement


Today, the demand for clinical research professionals remains, and is heightened by a need for increased diversity in clinical research—both in study staff and trial participants. To support this, Clinical Trials BC has partnered with ACRP in Workforce Advancement. We participate in the PWA Initiative with the goal of expanding, enhancing and gaining industry alignment on the growth, quality, professionalism, diversity and sustainability of the clinical research workforce.


Learn more: