Clinical Trials BC

Clinical trial management system


Clinical Trials BC is proud to provide provincial research organizations and their investigators with a provincially harmonized, cloud-based clinical trial management system (CTMS).

A CTMS is a platform that integrates and supports all the administrative aspects associated with running a clinical trial. Through it, researchers can manage planning, performing and reporting functions, as well as keep track of participant visits, study milestones and trial financial data. The use of a CTMS provides for easy and secure organization of data in a centralized location so trials can run more efficiently.

A CTMS is a critical tool for improving the clinical research process at both the site and institutional level, and we hope the provincial system helps make clinical trials in BC more streamlined, informed and collaborative.


Why use a CTMS?


There are several functions provided by a well-run CTMS, including:

  • Real-time insight into operations: a central place for recording operational activity, offering easy access to important information
  • Better financial management: consistent budgeting, for faster and improved revenue recovery
  • Enhanced billing compliance: streamlined communications between all parties to support billing accuracy
  • Efficient regulatory process: tracking and managing regulatory documents through a validated, fully integrated eRegulatory Binder with e-signature capabilities
  • Increased efficiency: integrated processes that reduce the need for duplicate data entry, and allow tracking of staff effort

Benefits of a province-wide CTMS program


  • Common clinical trial management processes and tools allow for improvements, efficiencies and scalability
  • Access to a robust “collaborative community” that discusses operations and shares best practices supports continuous improvement
  • Lower cost per trial: the more trials conducted, the lower the cost per trial, so combining the total number of trials from all health authorities allows for a better price point
  • Provincial reporting provides a holistic view as to what trials are being managed in the province, as well as their outcomes

Feedback from CTMS users


“This is a welcomed tool for tracking revenues and expenses related to studies in the health authority that has been long coming, and I am very pleased to endorse it.” – Health Authority VP

“It bridges the gap between clinical trials and operations. There are many wonderful advantages.” – Site Manager

“Very functional. It reduces administrative burden, streamlines operations and improves efficiency.” – CTMS end-user


Join the Health Research BC CTMS program

If your clinical trial site would like to join the CTMS program, please contact the CTMS administrator for your participating organization.


Vancouver Coastal Health
Andy Kim
Clinical Research Systems and Process Improvement Specialist

Fraser Health
Siti Rahmaputri
Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Management System Coordinator

Northern Health
Celia Belamour
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Interior Health
Dusty De Jesus
Clinical Research Coordinator

Island Health
Erik Vaage
Clinical Research Admin Data & Document Coordinator

Provincial Health Services Authority
Heather Lockyer
Manager, Clinical Trial Management System

For more information on the CTMS program, please contact

Learn more about CTMS features, see RealTime Software Solutions.