Clinical Trials BC

Information for patients/potential trial participants



Clinical research provides patients with access to promising new drugs and medical devices, and to the best available clinical care from health care professionals who are leaders in their fields.

At Clinical Trials BC, we provide resources for patients who are interested in participating in a clinical trial in our province. Our team also engages with patient partners to gather data that will improve the patient experience.



REACH BC  is a province-wide platform that connects British Columbians with opportunities to participate in research. On the REACH BC site, patients can volunteer to be part of studies, and qualified researchers employed by BC health authorities, universities and research institutes can share their studies to recruit participants from across BC. Patients and the public can also browse a list of current and past studies.


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Enhancing participants’ experience

We work to enhance the experience of British Columbians involved in clinical trials by learning about the participant/patient perspective. Through doing this, we can support BC research sites in developing clinical trials that are more accessible, acceptable, and beneficial to patients and the public. We also collaborate with our colleagues at the BC SUPPORT Unit to support patients as partners within clinical trials.


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