Clinical Trials BC

Information for patients/potential trial participants



Clinical Trials BC provides resources for patients involved in clinical trials or potential trial participants in our province. Our team also engages patient partners to gather data to improve the patient experience.


Clinical research provides access for patients to promising new drugs and medical devices. It also enables access to the best available clinical care from health care professionals who are leaders in their fields.


Enhancing participants’ experience


We optimize British Columbians’ involvement in clinical trials by helping to remove barriers and enhance the participant/patient experience. By learning more about the participant/patient perspective, we help BC research sites develop clinical trials that are more accessible, acceptable, and beneficial to patients and the public. We also collaborate with the BC SUPPORT Unit to support patients as partners within clinical trials, and to develop a patient pathway for engagement in clinical trial development and implementation.


Learn about current and past initiatives to enhance patients’ clinical trial experience.




REACH BC addresses a significant challenge for many clinical trials and health research projects in British Columbia, namely: patient and participant recruitment.


Bridging the gap between the province-wide patient and research communities, this online platform connects British Columbians with opportunities to participate in research and provides support for researchers in recruiting participants.


The platform (originally a multi-partner demonstration project of the BC SUPPORT Unit, with additional funding from Health Research BC) was developed with support from the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI).


In 2021, REACH BC joined Health Research BC as part of the Clinical Trials BC operational unit, which allows for opportunities for complementary and strategic collaborations across the broader organization.


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