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We support researchers in developing expertise in clinical research processes, quality assurance and budgets. We also provide access to provincial tools and resources.


Conducting clinical trials in BC

BC’s world-class clinical trial investigators and globally certified research coordinators conduct over 1,300 trials every year.

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Continuing education and training

If you are a new researcher or a researcher looking to refresh your skills and knowledge, Clinical Trials BC is here to help. We offer a robust educational program that includes professional development and training initiatives as well as workshops, webinars and other resources.



ASK US is our signature webinar series where experts help answer questions raised and encourage further discussion on related topics.


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Clinical trial management system


We are proud to provide provincial research organizations and their investigators with a provincially harmonized, cloud-based clinical trial management system (CTMS).

Formal regulatory consulting

We offer a range of regulatory consulting services for sites, qualified investigators and sponsors involved in, or planning for, clinical trials in BC. Consultations provide support for trials across all stages including strategic planning, development, in progress or archiving. We cover all therapeutic areas: radiopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, NNHPs, and combination or advanced therapeutic products.


Our areas of service include:


  • General inquiries, such as for regulations and compliance issues
  • Interpretive application, including addressing concerns requiring explanation of applicable regulations (e.g. domestic, multi-regional, multi-regulatory authority)
  • Study development, through providing a regulatory lens for complex or multi-regional studies
  • Regulatory site visit and assessment, including site, program or institutional support or training on topics such as vendor qualification, internal review guidance, regulatory peer review of quality-controlled documents, etc.
  • Audit and inspection preparation and follow-up assistance, at the site, study, program or institutional level
  • Regulatory document review

We focus on Phase 1- 4 domestic and international coordinating centres or multi-regional clinical trials that include BC, which are generally more complex in nature.


Networking and professional associations

Networking with other clinical research professionals is an opportunity to share and learn new information. Professional organizations that offer networking include Clinical Research Professionals of BC (CRPBC). CRPBC is an informal, inclusive group of more than 450 clinical research professionals who work primarily in BC’s Lower Mainland. It provides networking and professional development opportunities for everyone working in the clinical research profession. Visit for information about their speaker series and more.


Professional development

Clinical Trials BC also partners with a number of organizations to provide professional development opportunities for clinical researchers in BC. This includes ACRP, SOCRA and N2. For more information, see continuing education and training.