Patient, public & community reviewers needed for 2022 HP-I Program

8 August 2022

Patient, public and community partners needed as reviewers for the 2022 Health Professional – Investigator Program

Reviewers must be available for up to 36 hours from September to December 2022 for virtual activities, including training, application reviews and committee meetings.

Reviewers will be fairly compensated and will be free to withdraw from the review process at any time.

Patients, public and community partners are encouraged to apply. The application deadline closed  September 7, 2022.

Submit your application

Reviewers will evaluate applications to the. This award support health professionals who are actively involved in patient care to conduct and apply research relevant to health and/or the health system to ultimately improve health outcomes in BC and beyond.

Questions? Contact Lynne Feehan, Capacity Development Lead, BC SUPPORT Unit

We welcome applications from people with lived experience with health and the health system in BC, with diverse backgrounds. Including, but not exclusively; people living with disability, and people of different age, genders, sexual orientation, cultural, ethnic, religious backgrounds, or socio-economic status.

Learn about reviewer eligibility and requirements: FAQ for 2022 HP-I program reviewers