What is patient-oriented research?

Patient-oriented research includes people with lived experience in:

  • meaningful and active collaboration in governance
  • priority-setting
  • conducting research
  • knowledge translation

How do you help research teams?

We help teams engage patients safely in their work. We also provide data services and help teams begin their learning health system projects.

Patient engagement

We help researchers and teams adopt a patient-oriented research approach. This includes engaging with patients, families, caregivers, other people with lived experience and community members to improve health evidence.

Data services

We help teams use data to improve care. Our data services support health research and learning health systems projects.

Learning health systems

We support teams in their learning health systems projects.

Our resources and tools

Road map

Our interactive ‘road map’ outlines activities where patients and public partners could engage in health research. The road map also helps research teams understand ways to support people with lived experience as experts in health research. Available in French and English.

Diversity Tapestry

The Diversity Tapestry is an interactive learning resource that supports collaboration between researchers, people with lived experience and the public. The resource includes educational modules designed to help researchers engage diverse people in health research.

Plain language guide

This guide helps patient-oriented research teams write their plain language summary. It provides tools, resources, and best practices to shape more clear, concise and accessible writing.

Patient-oriented research 101

Learn about patient-oriented research in this introductoy video for health researchers, trainees and patients, public and community members.

This 40-minute video includes:

  • why patient-oriented research exists in Canada
  • what patient-oriented health research looks like
  • different levels of partner engagement in research
  • ways patient or public partners may be meaningfully engaged throughout the research process
  • how you can be involved with patient-oriented research


The video was co-developed by the BC SUPPORT Unit and patient partners.