What is patient-oriented research?

Patient-oriented research involves patients, caregivers and families in the research process.

Patient-oriented research (POR) is:

  • done in partnership with patients
  • answers research questions that matter to patients
  • aims to improve health care and health outcomes for patients


Patient-oriented research brings together patients, researchers, health care providers and health system decision-makers.

Why volunteer?

Health research is vital for expanding medical knowledge and making new scientific discoveries to treat diseases and improve health care.

But researchers are unable to do their work without the help of volunteers to participate in their studies.

By volunteering, you can…

  • help make a real difference in other people’s lives by participating in a health research study
  • share your experiences as a patient
  • get involved in the creation of the study and help improve other participants’ research study experience


REACH BC is an online platform the connects people in BC with opportunities to participate in research.

REACH BC connects patients and people with lived experience who are interested in volunteering with a research team.

Do you want to share your health experiences to help others?

Road map

Our road map will help patient partners on research teams understand the many ways to participate in health research. Available in French and English.

Citizen science

A citizen scientist is a person who wants to help answer scientific questions. You can share your experiences by volunteering to be a citizen scientist.