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The Methods Clusters: Lessons in methods research

The Methods Clusters researched the “how” of patient-oriented research for 5 years. What did we learn? What questions remain? Amber Hui, Stirling Bryan and Danielle Lavallee discuss. Image: “We know…

What are methods?

The #1 question we get about the Methods Clusters is “What are the Methods Clusters?” We’re bringing you answers to this and more in our new blog: the Methods Section….

Beyond pronouns and rainbow logos

There is always more work to do, to update our infrastructure, processes and organizations to keep up with and align the values we hold today. So how will you know…

Rethinking how we design clinical studies

Most clinical researchers who come up with their ideas do ask others if it’s a good idea…. but the trouble is they ask other clinicians, and not potential patients. So,…