Researchers get a career boost from new national platform

28 November 2022

Diverse team of people review notes on a glass wall.

This week, a new organization launches to support researchers across Canada who engage patients in their work: SPOR National Training Entity. To support the launch we’re highlighting key resources we’ve developed to build capacity for patient-oriented research.

  1. Plain language resource guide
    This interactive guide provides tools, resources, and best practices to shape more clear, concise and accessible writing. This tool supports research teams developing plain language summaries.
  2. Road map for public and patient engagement in health research
    This interactive “road map” allows people to explore the stages and activities that may be experienced in a health research study. Researchers, patient and public partners may benefit from the tool.
  3. Interactive education modules
    This interactive learning tool includes educational modules designed to help researchers engage diverse people in health research.
  4. POR 101 video
    This 40-minute webinar introduces patient-oriented research, what it is, and why it matters.

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the SPOR National Training Entity will coordinate and streamline training for researchers at all career stages. The SPOR National Training Entity is based at Université Laval and will  bring together people from across the health system to improve how patient-oriented research is done in Canada.

The BC SUPPORT Unit supports patient-oriented research throughout BC to answer research questions that matter to patients and improve health care. The Unit is part of a national initiative led by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We’re grateful for additional support from the Province of BC.