ASK US Series: Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA)

23 November 2022

What is the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), and what resources are available to the clinical trial community in BC?

Hear from the Co-Chair of DTRA about new tools and available resources to help you understand and advance decentralized trial technology and processes.

Who should attend:
This session is for anyone interested in accelerating the adoption of patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials and research. Specifically, BC biotechnology companies sponsoring clinical trials, regulatory, quality and ethics teams, research organizations/institutions, investigator site teams and other stakeholders.




Craig Lipset – Co-Chair, Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA)

Craig Lipset is an advisor, educator, advocate and innovator focused on novel solutions for clinical trials and medicine development. He is the founder of Clinical Innovation Partners, providing advisory and board leadership with pharma, tech and investors. Craig is Co-Chair for the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance, Vice Chair of the MedStar Health Research Institute, and Vice President of the Foundation for Sarcoidosis. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Health Informatics at Rutgers University. Craig was previously the Head of Clinical Innovation and Venture Partner at Pfizer, and on the founding management teams for two successful startup ventures.

Alison Orth (Host) – Unit Director – Clinical Trials BC