Research Approval Processes Project’s update on the Data Access Stream

16 April 2024

Research Approval Processes Project's (RAPP) update on the Data Access Stream.

The Research Approval Processes Project (RAPP) is guided by a commitment to support research and researchers in the health care system that will lead to better health care for people in BC. One work stream is focused on Data Access and will drive/enable a unified approach and processes for research and analysis within a secure analysis environment with datasets spanning multiple organizations (e.g. Health Authorities). This will be supported by leveraging Health Data Platform BC’s (HDPBC) program and secure, cloud-based technical environment and existing relationships with PopData BC.

All research requests will follow the submission process through PopData BC. Starting April 1, 2024, qualified projects that fit HDPBC criteria will use the HDPBC safe setting data environment, and those that do not will continue to use PopData BC’s Secure Research Environment. Datasets available to researchers in both environments include many that date from 1990 and forward and include longitudinal, person-specific, de-identified data on BC’s residents.

The HDPBC program will offer a more streamlined process for seeking approval for data from multiple organizations/Health Authorities in BC. This is possible because of a new Health Data Council, which comprises of members from participating health organizations and, therefore, eliminates the need for individual approvals from individual organizations (based on the datasets requested).  Requests using Health Information Banks and Pharmanet will continue to be reviewed by the Data Stewardship Committee.


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