Research Approval Processes Project (RAPP) gains strong support for streamlining in British Columbia

5 February 2024

The Research Approval Processes Project (RAPP) has received support from the Leadership Council, a council of Health Authority Chief Executive Officers and Ministry of Health leadership. Recognizing the pivotal role of health research in fostering a high-quality and efficient health system, Leadership Council has indicated strong support for the streamlining efforts proposed by RAPP, which encompass ethics, privacy, data access and sharing, contracts, and operational approvals.

The backing from the Leadership Council underscores the belief that simplifying the research approval processes will substantially enhance the effectiveness and quality of British Columbia’s health research ecosystem. While ethics reviews form just one facet of this initiative, Leadership Council has specifically instructed the RAPP team to commence planning with key stakeholders to explore the establishment of a provincial health authority research ethics board service.

This envisioned service aims to leverage the existing system strengths built over many years by dedication in the research ethics community to advancing ethics harmonization in the province. Emphasizing their commitment to collaboration, the RAPP team plans to engage in further consultation with stakeholders during this process. While the potential impact of such a service on British Columbia’s health research landscape is expected to result in positive change, RAPP remains steadfast in its original mission to streamline all research approval processes, emphasizing a comprehensive approach beyond the realm of ethics.

As planning advances and engagement deepens, the collaborative efforts of RAPP, the support of Leadership Council, and stakeholder involvement will lead to long-term improvements of the research approval landscape. This in turn will foster a more efficient and effective health research environment in British Columbia.

Learn more about the Research Approvals Processes Project here.