CTMS program updates: winter 2023

10 January 2023

Clinical Trials BC is pleased to provide the following updates on BC’s provincially-harmonized Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). Over the last year, our program has seen significant growth and progress. We now have 49 sites across six health authorities, encompassing more than 1000 clinical trials. We couldn’t be happier with the progress and are excited for what the new year brings!

With the help of consultant partners, last year also saw our first external evaluation of the CTMS program. Offering a more objective overview of the current state of our program, the evaluation took into consideration 16 key informant interviews, three stakeholder focus groups, and provided roughly 100 end-users with the opportunity to provide their feedback via an online survey. The results provided us with the necessary understanding needed to create a solid foundation for our planned growth activities over the next two years.

Essential to our growth is the addition of further functionality within the CTMS environment. Working closely with experts in privacy and security, we have completed assessments for modules allowing automated text messaging to participants and website integration for better connectivity between the CTMS software and your organizations front-facing web presence. With these features coming online in the immediate future, our focus will soon shift to assessing features like mobile access, integrated participant payment solutions, and more.

Clinical Trials BC would like to thank all the participating organizations who are working with us. By providing the CTMS, we will improve the management of clinical trials in BC by making the process more efficient, streamlined, informed and collaborative.


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