34 post-doctoral fellows funded in MSFHR’s 2018 Research Trainee competition

13 August 2018

The Research Trainee Program is one of MSFHR’s flagship funding opportunities. Since 2001, we’ve supported more than 1,200 Research Trainees  ̶  health researchers in the training phase of their careers  ̶  to protect time for research and career development, ultimately supporting the long-term success of the BC health research landscape.

This year, 34 talented research trainees will receive salary support as they establish their careers and train alongside more senior members of BC’s health research community.

With an award term of up to three years, the recipients are working across the four pillars of health research: biomedical, clinical, health services and population health, in areas including antibiotic resistance, HPV vaccination and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our Research Trainee and Scholar Programs work in tandem to support the development and retention of BC’s research talent,” says MSFHR President & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes. “Providing funding support for trainee and early-career researchers is key to retaining the type of people BC needs to grow our knowledge economy. We continue to see our Research Trainees go on to receive Scholar awards, build cutting-edge health research programs and train the next generation of researchers.”

MSFHR actively seeks co-funding partners to allow us to fund a greater number of BC researchers and provide an opportunity for partnering organizations to advance research in their areas of interest. This year, MSFHR is delighted to co-fund seven Research Trainee awards with organizations including the BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation and the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Institute.

2018 marks 25 years since our namesake, Dr. Michael Smith, received his Nobel Prize. A pre-eminent BC scientist, Dr. Smith had a long-standing commitment to supporting emerging research talent, developing scientific excellence, and building research capacity in BC. MSFHR is proud to continue his legacy with every funding award we issue.