Unleashing the potential of clinical trials: A vision takes shape



British Columbia offers a world-class collaborative network for conducting clinical trials. We have expert clinical trial investigators and certified coordinators who conduct over 1,300 trials yearly and more than 100 clinical trial sites across the province in hospital, outpatient, and community settings. Despite the many strengths in the province, supporting infrastructure for clinical trials varies across BC’s research sites, institutes, and health authorities.


We engaged 170 stakeholders in BC and Canada to gain a more robust understanding of BC’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities in the areas of clinical trials capacity, expertise, review and approval processes, and culture. The outcome of this work is the “A Vision for Clinical Trials in British Columbia” document and has been endorsed by the BC Ministry of Health.



Advance vision into action


Throughout the coming months, we will continue our role to catalyze change and mobilize communities for research impact by convening conversations that will lead to further actions to advance the vision. We will continue to foster collaboration and commit to respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples and communities. We will participate in national efforts to strengthen Canada’s clinical trial environment and BC’s vision for clinical trials will inform this work.


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Contact information


A summary of what we heard during our consultations is available on request. To discuss how we might work together to advance the vision, please contact Alison Orth, director, Clinical Trials BC at aorth@healthresearchbc.ca.