Information for patient partners


What is patient-oriented research?

Health research is an organized way of collecting and analyzing information to understand and improve our health.

We’re helping to make health research more patient-oriented.

Patient-oriented research involves patients, caregivers and families in the research process.

Patient-oriented research answers research questions that matter to patients and aims to improve health care in partnership with patients.

We help bring together patients and researchers to improve health care.


Why do patient-oriented research?

  • Patients get engaged and are heard.
  • Researchers get results with impact.
  • Health care providers help improve care.
  • Health system decision-makers support system change.


How to get involved


REACH BC addresses patient and participant recruitment, a significant challenge for many clinical trials and health research projects in British Columbia.

Bridging the gap between the province-wide patient and research communities, this online platform connects British Columbians with opportunities to participate in research and provides support for researchers in recruiting participants.


Road map for public & patient engagement in health research

This interactive “road map” focuses on patient and public partners on a research team, outlining diverse activities that they could engage in across multiple phases of a health research project. There is no correct or absolute way to engage patients and public partners in research; however, there are many different options and opportunities for patients to meaningfully be engaged and make a difference.


The road map allows you to explore the stages of a research study, and to consider the many ways in which patient and public engagement on a health research team could occur.


Read more and access the road map here.