Cheryl Heykoop

Dr. Cheryl Heykoop is an associate professor with the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University and program head of the Master of Arts in Leadership – Health Specialization. Her research and teaching interests focus on participatory action research, process ethics, patient-centred care, and health systems transformation. She is particularly interested in how the meaningful engagement of patients in research can better inform research, leadership, and practice.

Heykoop’s program of research applies the principles of participatory action research (PAR) and patient-oriented research (POR) to meaningfully engage adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer and cancer care allies (healthcare professionals, decision makers, researchers, and community organizations) to better understand and transform AYA cancer care in BC and beyond.

Heykoop holds a Participatory Action Research grant from the Vancouver Foundation to support this program of research. She was awarded an MSFHR Scholar award in 2021.

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