Improving Young Adult Cancer Care in Partnership with Young Adults and Cancer Care Allies in BC

Research co-lead: 

  • Cheryl Heykoop
    Royal Roads University

Research user co-lead:

  • Catherine Clelland
    BC Cancer Agency

Team members: 

  • Jennifer Cartwright
  • Karine Chalifour
    Young Adult Cancer Canada
  • Nicol MacPherson
    BC Cancer
  • Lisa McCune
    BC Support Unit
  • Nicolette McGuire
    Research and Innovation – Ministry of Health
  • Morgan Price
    University of British Columbia, Innovation Support Unit 
  • Danielle Schroeder
    Callanish Society
  • Genevieve Stonebridge

In Canada, approximately 8000 young adults (aged 18 to 39) are diagnosed with cancer each year, representing 4% of cancer diagnoses annually. Currently, cancer care systems have limited capacity to meet the complex needs of young adults with cancer and young adult cancer care is generally underrepresented in cancer education and research. However, research indicates that young adults with cancer have a clear understanding of how their care could be improved and want to play an active role in doing so.

This C2 grant would support 20 young adults with cancer and 20 cancer care allies (health care professionals, decision-makers, researchers, and community organizations) in BC to come together for a two-day meeting to share experiences of young adult cancer care and to identify key research and practice priorities to improve young adult cancer care in BC.

Key outcomes include:

  1. strengthened relationships and partnerships between young adults and cancer care allies;
  2. identification of key research and practice priorities to improve young adult cancer care in BC; and
  3. the co-creation of a high-quality report and two knowledge products to share learnings and priorities widely.