Nini nanaghintsan ?anh (is your mind tired?): The Healing Journeys of Indigenous Adolescents Navigating Pathways to Urban and Online Wellness Supports

Due to the historical and ongoing effects of colonization, Indigenous youth experience higher rates of mental illness. As Indigenous youth, it is particularly difficult to access mental health care in Canada. Many Indigenous youth are reluctant to seek help when they are in crisis. Indigenous youth and families advocate it would be better if more culturally-responsive wellness supports were available. This research project will use oral traditions and storytelling to ask Indigenous youth (aged 12 to 24) about their healing journeys when accessing wellness supports in urban and online spaces. This project will work in partnership with Foundry BC to collaborate with local Indigenous communities. In Phase 1, Indigenous youth will join Sharing Circles to create collective stories about what holistic wellbeing means to them and how they access wellness supports in community and online settings. In Phase 2, Indigenous youth will be asked to complete a survey about their mental health care access, cultural identity, technology use, and holistic wellbeing. The findings from this study can inform culturally-resurgent practices to help transform the way Indigenous youth are engaged in wellness supports across urban and online spaces.