Group sense making and model building for mapping systems for the promotion of population physical activity in British Columbia

The COVID-19 pandemic and climate crises highlighted the need for renewed and strengthened systems to promote population physical activity (PPA) in BC. This need, coupled with calls for using complex systems methods, forms the basis for the proposed activities. Complexity can be seen as the context where numerous interacting elements (i.e. people, entities) in a system make it hard to see, describe, and assess what is happening in the whole. Complex systems methods are a way to gain clarity on complex problems by focusing on the patterns of what the system does or how it behaves. After the completion of a formative scoping review and interviews with stakeholders to assess the current state of systems for PPA in BC, we now plan to invite partners and stakeholders from many sectors and facilitate online group sense making sessions. These sessions will involve participatory processes to develop understanding of the current state of the systems for PPA. A second session will focus on identifying directions for strengthening systems for PPA in terms of policy, practice and research. The project team will provide recommendations for potential roles and responsibilities for the BCCDC to strengthen systems for promoting PPA.

Team members: Drona Rasali (BCCDC); Lori Baugh Littlejohns (BCCDC); Geoff McKee (BCCDC); Daniel Naiman (BC Ministry of Health).