Establishing a Patient/Family-Partner Hip Dysplasia Advisory Group

Together with the I’m a HIPpy Foundation, our lab will hold a series of group discussions with patients with hip dysplasia, a common hip condition in children, and their parents/guardians. We want to learn about their experiences through their care journeys and what they wish they would have known prior to, and during, their own treatment. We will aim to involve patients and families who have had a variety of experiences and from across BC to ensure that their stories reflect the wide variety of care journeys. From these discussions, we will also aim to identify patients and families interested in working as partners with our research lab, the Hippy Lab, for our future research projects. This will help use to form a patient/family advisory group which will be a valuable resource for our lab. This group will work with us to decide on future research questions we want to answer to make sure that our projects are focused on patient-important concerns. They will also help us to create educational resources that will better inform patients and families of what to expect throughout diagnosis and treatment for hip dysplasia.