Walking with the Arthritis community on the path forward towards Truth and Reconciliation

July 22, 2022


Cheryl Koehn - Founder & President, Arthritis Consumer Experts
Dr. Terri-Lynn Fox - Director, Wellness Programs; Black Tribe Department of Health, Inc

In 2021, Cheryl Koehn and Dr. Terri-Lynn Fox came together as Indigenous Scholar, settler/colonial and persons living with rheumatoid arthritis to walk together on a path forward towards Truth and Reconciliation. Speakers will discuss how an Indigenous-led initiative, the Arthritis Learning Circle, has developed into several community-driven research projects. The webinar will also touch on deliberate and meaningful design that upholds reciprocity, accountability, and transparency throughout different phases of research.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how an Indigenous-led initiative formed on Turtle Island-Canada is leading community-driven action.
  • Discuss approaches to uphold reciprocity, accountability, and transparency at each stage of community-driven action.


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