Overcoming five anxieties in population health knowledge translation literature

June 25, 2021


Dr. Paul Kershaw
Founder, Generation Squeeze
Associate Professor and Director (MPH), University of British Columbia

During this session, Dr. Kershaw introduces participants to five anxieties commonly found in literature about KT in population health. He features interdisciplinary insights about KT needed to enact change in complex systems that draw from thinking about power, thinking like a movement, and thinking like a marketer.

Learnings from the sessions draw on real world examples from the knowledge mobilization activities of Generation Squeeze and the Human Early Learning Partnership, which aim to create the optimal conditions for families raising young children and reduce inequalities in early child development in BC.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the five anxieties of KT in population health literature.
  • Clarify the importance of addressing values, power and motivation in KT.
  • Apply these concepts to the challenges and successes of current knowledge mobilization activities in BC.

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