Knowledge translation and communications: what’s the difference?

January 28, 2022


Kevin Sauvé, Head of Knowledge Translation, Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

Knowledge translation (KT) describes activities that move research from the lab and into society resulting in changes to behaviour, practice or policy, the development of further research, and its application. KT relies on good communication — a discipline in its own right — that effectively informs, persuades, builds trust and creates culture, value, and meaning. This webinar will go over the fundamentals of the fields of KT and Communications — what they are, how they are similar, how they are different, approaches used to develop good KT and communications plans, as well as some of skills and supports, tools and techniques needed to do them well.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Define the terms “knowledge translation” and “communications” as used in the context of health care and health research and understand their similarities and differences.
  • Apply simple templates in the implementation of basic KT and communications plans.
  • Be familiar with basic tools and techniques needed to execute a KT or communications plan.


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