Mobilizing aging in place (MAP) research

This project will reach policymakers in municipal and regional governments and health authorities with the voices of service users and providers via digital stories, which encapsulate findings from two studies on aging in place. The first study examined the unique role of Seniors Health and Wellness Centres in the lives of rural and remote older adults. The second study developed a web app to link health and community service providers for person-oriented services. Digital stories will be storyboarded by a trainee and created with service users and providers across rural, urban, and remote regions. The team will go “on the road” to get feedback on the digital stories from service users and providers before hosting a Knowledge Summit that will connect various sectors and service models. Policymakers will be specially invited, including social planners, health authority decision-makers, and advocacy groups. Digital stories and knowledge translation tools will be available in multiple languages. Overall, the project will enable the Cities of Kamloops and Richmond and other municipalities to lead and implement change with age-friendly policies that support older adults to age in place and respect their diverse voices and experiences.