Analysis of aIPCC Data

The British Columbia Ministry of Health has expressed a goal of integrating primary and community care and providing as many health care services as possible in the community. The objective of this project is to conduct a quantitative evaluation of these programs. The specific focus of this evaluation is on their effects on health care services use, such as visits to emergency departments, admissions to acute care, and admission to long-term residential care.

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Exit Strategies: The Timing and Impacts of Physician Retirements

Much has been made over the past fifteen years about the actual or impending shortage of physicians in Canada. The aging of the patient population increases the need, while the aging of the physician population reduces the supply. Recent dramatic increases in the number of medical students being trained in Canada should go some distance in addressing supply concerns. Less well-understood is the potential effect of changes in physicians’ decisions about when, and how quickly, to retire. Despite the fact that retirement decisions can have a large influence on the total available supply of physicians, surprisingly little is known about those decisions. The purpose of this project is to fill in some of those gaps in our understanding.

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