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The Edwin S.H. Leong Healthy Aging Program is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, trainees and staff at UBC who seek to harness the science of healthy again to help people remain healthy, happy and active longer into old age. The program was initiated by a generous donation from Dr. Edwin S.H. Leong and the Tai Hung Fai Charitable Foundation.

Funding interests

Award Types

Research Trainee, Reach, Convening & Collaborating

Research Interests

  • The social, environmental or cultural determinants of aging.
  • The biology of aging or biological mechanisms of aging.
  • Mechanisms, prevention or treatments of age-associated diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.
  • Biomarkers of healthy aging, risk stratification.
  • Loneliness, isolation, caregiving, relationships in older adults.
  • Technology advances, smart technologies to improve older adult care.

Location parameters

The trainee’s primary supervisor must be an Investigator in the Edwin SH Leong Healthy Aging Program at UBC, in either the Vancouver or Okanagan Campus.


aging, older adults, seniors, neurodegeneration, neurodegenerative, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, aging biomarker, age-related disease, age-associated disease, geroscience, life course, lifespan, health span




Jennifer Jakobi

Award type

Convening and Collaborating award

Project title

Aging in Place: A Perspective from Indigenous Older Adults and Elders

Award type

Research trainee award

Project title

Advancing understanding of the multiple sclerosis (MS) prodrome: a focus on understudied signs and symptoms (MS-Pro-Us)