Health Quality BC provides system-wide leadership to efforts designed to improve the quality of health care in British Columbia. Through collaborative partnerships with health authorities, patients, and those working within the health care system, we promote and inform a provincially-coordinated, patient-centered approach to quality. Health Quality BC delivers the latest knowledge from home and abroad to champion and support high-quality care for every person in BC. This system-wide impact requires creativity, innovative thinking and evidence-informed strategies to shift culture, improve clinical practice and accelerate health care partners’ improvement efforts.

Funding interests

Award Types

Convening & Collaborating, Reach

Research Interests

Health Quality BC is interested in research related to health care quality as defined by the BC Health Quality Matrix. As well, we are interested in implementation, change management and quality improvement methodologies that advance improvements in quality of care.

  • Quality (respect, accessibility, appropriateness, safety, effectiveness, efficiency and equity)
  • patient safety
  • change management
  • quality improvement
  • patient and community engagement
  • implementation science