With the vision of achieving gender equity and sexual health for all by driving collaborative and cutting-edge research, evidence-based policy, and clinical/community practice in BC, Canada and globally, CGSHE is network of interdisciplinary researchers and intersectoral leaders at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. Working across community, clinical, and policy realms, its faculty leads community-based population health research and global policy research to address gender and sexual health (in)equities in BC, Canada and around the world. 

For over a decade, CGSHE has been conducting research with youth, young women, LGBTQ/2S+ communities, racialized migrant and refugee communities, urban Indigenous women and Two-Spirit people, gender-based violence survivors, and communities that are over-policed and surveilled, including parents in poverty, sex workers, people living with HIV, and individuals precariously housed or incarcerated. 

The scope of its work ranges from social epidemiology and public policy to interdisciplinary, mixed methods and social science research. CGSHE researchers share a common passion for building evidence to meet the highest scientific and ethical standards to address systemic barriers and advance gender equity and sexual health and well being.




Travis Salway

Award type

Scholar Award

Project title

Adapting BC’s healthcare system for equitable and tailored service provision to sexual and gender minorities