Research approvals project starting process mapping phase

21 August 2023

The Research Approvals Processes Project (RAPP) Team is preparing for a busy September with several key activities being planned. The project is entering into a process mapping phase. Process mapping is a powerful tool used to visualize, analyze, and improve workflows. It involves breaking down complex processes into manageable steps, identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and opportunities for improvement. RAPP will be utilizing this approach to understand the current process, envision an improved process, and demonstrate the benefits of the proposed changes.

Initial processes for the mapping exercise are Research Ethics and Operation Approvals.  A diverse group of stakeholders who are familiar with the processes (subject matter experts, process owners, and end-users) will provide the process walkthroughs and verification of the current state and help plan the future state. The RAPP Team will encourage and facilitate discussions about pain points, inefficiencies, and areas that would benefit from improvement. Together, the project team and stakeholders will also consider best practices, industry standards, and innovative solutions while designing the new processes. The result of this process will provide a clear path of how work will be done, from start to finish, and will identify clear roles and responsibilities to minimize overlap between various tasks, decision points, inputs, and outputs.

Throughout this journey, communication and collaboration among stakeholders are vital. Once the mapping is complete, the benefits will be clear and agreed upon, enabling the implementation of the changes across the Health Authorities.