National Indigenous Peoples Day

21 June 2023

Photo from the International Indigenous DOHaD (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease) meeting in Vancouver, August 2022. Pictured (L-R): Brenda Yuen, Lynsey Johnny, Eugenia Tinoco (with baby), Joban Dhanoa, Elder Doreen Peter, Jennifer Murray and Elder Lydia Seymour. Other team members not pictured: Liz Spry, Barbara Webster, Ashley Simpson, Maia Thomas, Fairlie Mendoza, Marnie Elliott, Shannon Waters and Diane Sawchuck.

Michael Smith Health Research BC is on a learning journey, not just today — National Indigenous Peoples Day — but every day. 

Our learning journey is grounded in respect for Indigenous self-determination and awareness of reconciliation as an active and ongoing process. One of Research Ethics BC (REBC)’s priorities is to highlight models for culturally safe ethics reviews in Indigenous research.  

In February 2023, REBC worked directly with the Cowichan Tribes community members and Elders in facilitating a virtual learning session with research ethics community members about the remarkable example of a community-led ethics review, grounded in ceremony and guided by community members and Elders. During the session, elders and community members shared their experience leading an ethics review process. Next steps include documenting the process as best practice and supporting other Nations in self-determination through research ethics. 

Learn more about the community-led study and ethics review here.

We recognize that we continue to learn how to respectfully support reconciliation efforts and develop meaningful relationships and partnerships with Indigenous people in British Columbia. Our work continues to be guided by our Indigenous partners.