MSFHR wins at Canadian Online Publishing Awards

21 November 2018

MSFHR has won two Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Forward Thinking and Spark, our blog and digital magazine that showcase the best of BC research.

Spark, which won the best industry feature category, is a quarterly publication that uses digital storytelling to share the work of MSFHR-funded researchers, and the impact of their work on British Columbians. The winning issue, Everyday tech for better care, which was created with support from Signals Design Group, explores how BC researchers are using everyday technologies such as text messaging, to improve both care, and efficiency in the health system.

By contrast Forward Thinking, which won silver in the best industry blog category, explores what it takes to be a responsive and responsible health research funder. MSFHR staff share their expertise and experience as we think deeply about how to grow and improve as an organization to support health research in BC as effectively as possible.

Of course, neither Spark, or Forward Thinking are possible without the hard working MSFHR staff that contribute their time and ideas to both, or BC’s exceptional health research community that work tirelessly to improve the health of British Columbians. These researchers both inspire and challenge us to deliver funding programs help them stay in BC and develop their research to create new evidence and discoveries that lead to better health outcomes across the province.