Creating pathways to research impact: MSFHR funds knowledge translation activities for 24 research teams

25 February 2021

MSFHR’s funding for 24 research teams through the 2020 Convening & Collaborating (C2) and Reach competitions will create pathways from research evidence to impact and help ensure that cutting-edge health research can directly improve the health of British Columbians and BC’s health system.

These collaborative teams consisting of researchers, health professionals, trainees, and research users, are investigating research areas that address BC health system priorities including perinatal and pediatric anxiety disorders, equity-oriented cancer care, COVID-19 measures in long-term care, rural health resource allocation, HIV stigma reduction, Indigenous health systems, and practices to support BC’s nurses and nurse practitioners.

The C2 Program helps make research happen by supporting researchers, trainees, and those with lived experience to co-develop research that can have a direct impact on patients and the public. Co-developing research in this way ensures the research’s relevancy and can increase the likelihood of leveraging the award into additional funding from national and international sources.

MSFHR’s Reach Program helps disseminate research by funding teams in sharing research evidence with people who can directly benefit from it, with the goal of impacting health and care in BC. Research teams are often made up of clinicians, youth, patient partners, and trainees.

As BC’s health research funding agency, we design our funding programs to develop, retain, and attract the talented people whose research improves the health of British Columbians, addresses health system priorities, creates jobs, and adds to the knowledge economy. Through our knowledge translation awards, we support researchers in teaming up with health professionals, patients, and researchers in training to move research evidence into policy and practice.

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