Knowledge is power. Assess your Knowledge Translation (KT) skills now with KT Pathways

13 May 2019

KT Pathways is a free digital assessment and learning tool co-developed by MSFHR in partnership with academic and health system partners across BC, including BC-based health authorities, universities, research institutes, the BC SUPPORT Unit and BC Ministry of Health.”

What is KT?
Knowledge translation (KT) is an important discipline that can help move research evidence into the hands of those who can use it. KT is an important element of all MSFHR programs. Because we want to help people to do this work and help advance the science of KT, we have launched KT Pathways.

Who is KT Pathways for?
KT Pathways is for anyone who wants to learn how to close the gap between what we know and what we do, including those who:

  • Want to use evidence to inform the decisions they make in work;
  • Want to produce knowledge that is used by others; or
  • Want to make knowledge more accessible to those who can use it.

How does KT Pathways work?
KT Pathways is designed to help users assess their current KT skill level. Users rate themselves against the core skills required for successful KT to identify their strengths and areas for development.

If you are a:

  • KT beginner, KT Pathways is a way to learn about all the different skills involved in KT. The assessment results will direct you to tools and resources specifically tailored for you.
  • KT pro, KT Pathways will help further your growth in the field with tools and resources. This tool can help you identify areas for further professional development and increase your KT knowledge and skills.

Try KT Pathways
Learn more about KT Pathways in our Knowledge Translation section and assess your KT skills at