Issue 1 of the BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Framework now available

1 May 2020

One of the priority deliverables for SRAC when it was established in early April was to develop a research framework that could inform the Province on what research needs to be done, and that would be available for other stakeholders to use to inform their activities.

This week, the first iteration of the BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Framework: An Evolving Guide for Decision-makers and Researchers (Issue 1, April 2020) was published. A key goal is of the Framework is to prioritize high-quality research that will help to control, mitigate and eliminate the harmful effects of COVID-19 related disease and their impact on the people of BC.

The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Framework is an evolving guide for decision-makers and researchers to support a coordinated BC health research approach in unprecedented times. The Framework serves as a foundation for BC’s research community in an environment of urgent and long-term need, and historic level of research funding. Dynamic and adaptive, it will change as required through input from decision-makers, researchers and other research users to continually serve the needs of British Columbians.

As part of the roll out of the Framework, SRAC is seeking feedback on Issue 1 from the research community and others. The next iteration will incorporate additional input and feedback from a wide variety of provincial stakeholders, including patients and the public (facilitated by BC AHSN), as well as being informed by national initiatives.

To successfully support the coordinated provincial health research response, please share and engage with the Framework, as well as other resources including the MSFHR COVID-19 Research Response Fund and the BC COVID-19 Research Response Inventory.

The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) has been established to serve as a bridge between the Provincial Health Officer, government decision-makers and the health research community in BC in the specific area of COVID-19 research. SRAC reports to the provincial response Planning Section Chief, Health Emergency Coordination Centre, and provides information and advice that helps create a fuller picture as to what’s being researched in BC related to COVID-19 and what is needed. MSFHR is providing strategic support and is serving as the secretariat.