MSFHR collaborates on knowledge translation principles to improve health research impact

12 February 2021

Health research that could enhance lives is often not applied in practice. To close this gap, funders, researchers, and research users have emphasized the importance of using research partnerships between researchers and research users.

To help researchers and research users engage more meaningfully in research that is relevant, useful, and/or useable, MSFHR partnered with a multidisciplinary group of spinal cord injury (SCI) researchers, clinicians, people with SCI, representatives from SCI community organizations, and funding agencies to develop integrated knowledge translation (IKT) guiding principles.

The principles are published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The eight principles represent the first rigorously co-developed, consensus-based guidance to support meaningful SCI partnerships. The principles – which are applicable to all research partnerships – should be used early and throughout the entire research process.

By applying the principles, you have the potential to combat tokenism and improve the relevance and impact of health research. To learn more, download the principles, watch the webinar, and get support to use them at and follow @iktprinciples on Twitter.

Click here to learn more about MSFHR’s work to advance the science and practice of knowledge translation, and to give BC health researchers the tools they need to increase the impact of their research.