BC SUPPORT Unit announces five successful P2P teams

25 February 2019

The BC SUPPORT Unit has announced the recipients of the second P2P (Pathway to Patient-Oriented Research) Awards, designed to build and strengthen capacity for patient-oriented research in BC.

Offered in partnership with MSFHR, the P2P Awards provide up to $20,000 to support BC-based teams of researchers and research users as they pilot and test the feasibility of their research to strengthen a major national or international grant application.

Now in its second year, five teams have been awarded P2P funding to pilot projects ranging from pediatric pain management to the use of telehealth services in Northern BC.

MSFHR is pleased to be a key collaborative partner and major financial contributor to the BC SUPPORT Unit, and provide funding and administrative support for the P2P Awards. Together, these efforts are designed to build capacity for patient-oriented research in BC that engages patients as partners, focuses on patient-identified priorities and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

For more information on this program, please visit the BC SUPPORT Unit website or email info@bcsupportunit.ca.

2019 P2P Award recipients

Pediatric pain management: Co-design of a patient experience study

  • Researcher Co-Lead: Julie Robillard
  • Patient Co-Lead: Isabel Jordan
  • Host Institution: University of British Columbia

Endocation: A pilot randomized controlled trial of an endometriosis education program for secondary school students

  • Researcher Co-Lead: Paul Yong
  • Patient Co-Leads: Angie Feret, Jessica Sutherland, & Edurne Lopez de Arbin
  • Host Institution: University of British Columbia

Feasibility check: How to expand drug checking to reach people who use alone and overdose in private residences

  • Researcher Co-Lead: Bruce Wallace
  • Patient Co-Lead: Paige Charlie
  • Host Institution: University of Victoria

Supporting participation in pediatric and pregnancy reference interval studies for safe medicine

  • Researcher Co-Lead: Vilte Barakuskas
  • Patient Co-Leads: Catherine Leung & Karla Muyzers
  • Host Institution: BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children

Standardizing measurement of geriatric telehealth services in Northern BC

  • Researcher Co-Lead: Shannon Freeman
  • Patient Co-Lead: Jean Michaud
  • Host Institution: University of Northern British Columbia