Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTP)

Michael Smith Health Research BC partners with the following clinical trials training platforms (CTTP) to help increase clinical trials training, expertise and capacity in BC and across Canada: 

  • – Canadian Consortium of Clinical Trial Training (CANTRAIN) 
  • – Canadian Training Platform for Trials Leveraging Existing Networks (CAN-TAP-TALENT) 
  • – Canadian Behavioural Intervention and Trials Network (CBITN) 
  • – Post-Stroke Cognition Research Group (StrokeCog)

Watch this short video to learn more about Health Research BC’s partnership with CANTRAIN and available training streams.

Through these partnerships, we fund three awards that enable graduate and postdoctoral trainees to develop competencies in designing, leading and working in clinical trial research: 

  • 1. Master’s studentship: A combined yearly allocation of 15 master’s studentship awards across Canada. Each offers up to $17,500. 
  • 2. Doctoral studentship: A combined yearly allocation of 32 doctoral studentship awards across Canada. Each offers up to $35,000. 
  • 3. Postdoctoral fellowship: A  combined yearly allocation of 31 postdoctoral fellowship awards across Canada. Each offers up to $42,500.  

For information on specific awards, eligibility and application guidelines, and processes, visit:

Note: The CTTPs have varying competition processes, but they all use CANTRAIN’s online application portal.

Our clinical trials team at Health Research BC offers a robust program to help British Columbia grow a clinical research workforce with the required skills, knowledge and training to conduct inclusive high-quality clinical trials. We also provide trialists and clinical research teams with access to provincial tools and resources to support clinical trial management and regulatory compliance. Learn more.

  • This competition is


  • Important Dates

  • Application open

    CANTRAIN: March 18, 2024 | CAN-TAP-TALENT, StrokeCog, and CBITN: April 2, 2024

  • Application deadline

    May 31, 2024

  • Notice of funding decision

    July, 2024

  • Anticipated start of funding

    CANTRAIN and CAN-TAP-TALENT: July 2024 – March 2025 | StrokeCog and CBITN: September 2024


For questions about the partnered program or application process, please contact: 

Marc Saunders, Senior Partnerships Specialist 

Michael Smith Health Research BC