Partnered Awards

Each year, Health Research BC invites organizations from across BC to partner with us by co-funding successful applications from Health Research BC competitions. Partners are listed in our funding application forms, where applicants can express interest in receiving a partnered Health Research BC award.

Once applications close, our Partnerships team conducts a review of all applications expressing interest in a partnered Health Research BC award. Any that are considered relevant to our partners are forwarded to them, anonymized, for their consideration. If you have expressed interest in a particular partner in your application, we guarantee we will send your application to that partner for consideration.

Partners then select which applications they are interested in co-funding and applications are peer reviewed. If your application is successful in the peer review process, then partners are informed and a decision is made on whether a partnered award will be granted.

The organizations below are interested in co-funding researchers through Health Research BC’s competitions. If new partners come on board after applications have opened, applicants are informed and the list below is updated.


If you are interested in receiving a partnered Health Research BC award, let us know when prompted in your funding application.

If you were unable to indicate your interest in a partnered award or specific partner in your Health Research BC funding application, email the Partnerships team with your Application ID and the name of any partner(s) you are interested in.

Organizations seeking opportunities to co-fund researchers in Health Research BC's competitions

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    Muneerah Kassam

    Director, Partnerships



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