KT Connects – Do I tweet, post or dance? The role of social media in the meaningful mobilization of health research


26 May 2023


12 - 1 p.m. PT



Social media has become mainstream for millions of Canadians seeking information about health services and best practices. It also offers a quick and accessible way for academic scholars and the science-engaged public to share research information and connect with others. Even though many of us use social media to share information about our personal life, we may be unsure how to use social media to share information about our research and work.


In this webinar, Dr. Skye Barbic will describe the role of social media in research practices of scholars in the field of health and the social media platforms commonly used to share information on health services research. Skye will provide a framework to support health researchers to help make decisions about what, where, and how to post. Skye will also provide some recommendations for scholars and health services organizations to consider when sharing and accessing information, and how to evaluate their reach and impact.


After this webinar, the audience will be able to:

  • Understand how to harness the power of social media to share research.
  • Describe how to make decisions about when, where and how to share information on social media.
  • Apply tools to evaluate the reach and impact of social media posts.



Dr. Skye Barbic is an associate professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of British Columbia in the department of occupational science and occupational therapy, a Health Research BC 2018 Scholar, and 2019 and 2021 Convening & Collaborating awardee. She is also the head scientist at Foundry, an integrated youth service that provides free and confidential health and social services to youth across BC. Skye has a passion for health systems research and understanding how to use social media to understand the needs of diverse communities, gain feedback on research approaches, and share results as they emerge. In her spare time, Skye enjoys reading and hiking on the north shore trails with her three dogs and driving her kids across the Lower Mainland to hockey games and swim meets. #busymom #doglover #healthservicesresearcher #loveKTConnects