Tricia Tang

Dr. Tricia Tang is a registered clinical psychologist and an associate professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine.

She has over 22 years experience conducting diabetes translational research in high-risk and medically underserved populations. Her research focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating culturally-responsive, low-cost, and sustainable models to improve long-term diabetes-related health outcomes. She has been awarded grants from the International Diabetes Federation, VGH-UBC Hospital Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Diabetes Canada, Lawson Foundation, MSFHR, Sun-Life Financial, and NIH.

Most recently, Dr. Tang was awarded a Telehealth in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Behavioral Health and Psychology grant sponsored by JDRF Canada to design and test a virtual care platform (REACHOUT) to deliver peer-led mental health support for T1D adults living in rural and remote regions of BC. REACHOUT will be translated to children, teens, and adolescents with T1D as well as their parents. Dr. Tang also founded the T1D Huddle, a grass roots organization that provides free mental health and peer support for adults with T1D.