Supipi Duffy

Dr. Supipi Duffy Dr. Supipi Duffy is a research fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Philip Hieter in the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Duffy completed her PhD in molecular genetics in 2011 at the University of Toronto, with Brenda Andrews as her thesis advisor. She graduated with an honours BSc in biology from the University of Victoria, which included undergraduate research in Dr. Will Hintz’s laboratory.

Dr. Duffy’s research focuses on understanding genetic changes that result in diseases such as cancer. Cancer is a somatic genetic disease where the genetic changes occur spontaneously in one part of the body. Genome instability is a hallmark feature seen in all cancer but whether this instability is a consequence of tumour progression or a driver of tumour evolution remains to be understood.

Using high-throughput genome-wide genetic screens in the model organism budding yeast, Dr. Duffy will focus on finding genes that affect the stability of the genome. The ultimate goal of her research is to utilize conserved genetic interactions to make cancer more susceptible to the effects of chemotherapy and to identify novel chemotherapeutic drugs.

Recent Publications

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