Steven Reynolds

Dr. Steven Reynolds is an ICU physician at the Royal Columbian Hospital who has held various leadership positions including site medical director and regional department of critical care.

His focus is on translational research and he has successful research projects that range from pre-clinical physiology to large multi-center trials. He enjoys researching interventions that may be “positively disruptive” to the present standard of care. His most recent project is on the use of a novel central venous catheter-based transvascular phrenic nerve stimulator to provide negative pressure ventilation to critically ill patients. He is a co-inventor of this device, was the first to use it in humans, and has led much of the pre-clinical work that it is based on.

He holds the TB Vets Professorship in Critical Care at Simon Fraser University and has been funded by CIHR, BC Lung, MITACS, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, CANHEALTH and the Hecht Foundation. He is a previous Peter Wall Scholar. He has an interest in biotech, holds various patents and serves as the chief medical officer or the lead scientific advisor for various start-up companies.