Sarah Dow-Fleisner

Dr. Sarah Dow-Fleisner is an assistant professor of social work in the Faculty of Health and Social Development at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan, and the director of the UBCO Centre for the Study of Services to Children and Families. She has a PhD in social work from Boston College and a MA in child development (clinical developmental psychology concentration) from Tufts University.

Her program of research aims to generate a more holistic and nuanced understanding of the pathways to successful adaptation among adversity-exposed populations using time-informed, person-centred, and mixed methods approaches. Dow-Fleisner’s research will extend our understand of the biological, socioenvironmental, and developmental factors that shape outcomes and pathways of health and wellbeing in the context of childhood adversity. Thus, changing the commonly asked question of ‘how is risk conferred’ to a more poignant one that seeks to understand ‘how do those experiencing adversity adapt and do well?’ Findings from this study will be used to inform policy and practice that promotes health equity among trauma-affected populations.

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