Ruth Lavergne

Dr. Ruth Lavergne

Ruth Lavergne, PhD, MSc, is an Assistant Professor in the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Faculty of Health Sciences. She is also an investigator at the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health & Addiction (CARMHA) and a Research Scientist at the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity (CGSHE).

Lavergne’s program of research aims to strengthen primary care systems that affect everyone, while addressing disparities faced by populations with complex health and social needs. She has expertise in the use of population-based administrative health data and quasi-experimental designs to examine primary care use and policy changes. She works in partnership with experts in qualitative methods to lead mixed methods studies that include interdisciplinary teams of patients, clinicians, and policymakers.

Lavergne currently leads research examining changing practice patterns within the primary care physician workforce. Findings will support more accurate planning and inform transformation in the organization and delivery of primary care. She also leads research exploring integration of care for patients with mental health and substance use disorders and access to primary care for immigrant and refugee populations.

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University: Simon Fraser University
Faculty: Health Sciences
Department: Health Sciences
Position: Assistant Professor